Transaction fee
limit order 0.02%

market order 0.06%


Fee refund rate


Number of members together
13,763 people


Cumulative amount refunded

About Bitmart

 I'm curious about the benefits I can receive.
 We will refund 57% of the fee paid.
(Payback target: futures trading / USDT trading pair)

The fee considering payback is The limit price is
0.009% / the market price is 0.026%.
(5~10% additional payback compared to all companies including Tethermax)

I already have a Bitmart account.
You are okay. The CoinPayback team found a solution. After creating a payback account through Coin Payback, transfer the KYC authentication of your existing account. On average, it takes about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and all transactions made with a payback account are subject to payback. We strongly recommend that you transact with a payback account. 

Please see the “I already have an account” button for more details.

It's okay if you already have an account.

Check it out now in just 1 minute!


email support@coinpayback.io

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